Sunday, March 22, 2009

The NEW Utubedrama Blog

This Blog is to make people aware of the cyberbullying tactics of Trevor Rieger and his website,

It is a proactive statement against the phenomenon known as interent trolling. Specifically, this blog will focus on the implications of allowing websites like this to exist, and also it is to expose the activity of Trevor Rieger, and any legal implications that he faces for continuing his activities.

Trevor Rieger. He is the living definition of the Internet Troll. What Trevor does on his website, he calls 'Tabloid". Trevor's mission is to 'expose' youtube users for their 'offensive behaviors' and whatever else Trevor decides is wrong. He tends to pick on gays, the handicapped, the overweight and the lonely. unfortunately these are the worst kind of targets, and what he says about people is incredibly mean.

He specifically targets people who make videos. he will pick out minuscule and idiotic things to say about people. often, he uses rude and offensive language. Even the tabloids would be sued if they published the kind of offensive content that he does.

Trevor Rieger's site is not an internet Tabloid, it is a internet trolling website.

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