Friday, April 3, 2009

Others have Fought Back Against Trevor Rieger

Here is the latest legal news for the utubedrama website, gathered from this source-

As of 2009, Trevor Rieger is facing a lawsuit due to his false claim of the domain known as ''

The attorneys representing the phantom409 filed criminal and federal charges in the court of Judge Carolyn Sutton, in attempts to have the domain shut down. The judge ordered an immediate shutdown of the domain, citing that there were several laws violated due to Trevor's behaviors. the attorneys of the phantom409 musical group are seeking over $500,000 in damages due to loss of income and reputation, and misuse of copyrighted material.

However, Trevor Rieger did not appear when he was ordered to show up in court for his own indictment.

Some of the charges include posting slander about the band known as phantom 409 in attempts to extort ownership of their own domain from them. Trevor is alos accused of stealing a copyrighted information from, the producers of the phantom 409 group. Trevor also expanded his activities of blackmail to the 'encyclopedia dramatica' satire website, in attempts to slander the name of the phantom 409 musical group, for which he will be held liable for his actions when he is called to testify in federal court.