Sunday, March 22, 2009

Youtube Looses when Trolls win

Youtube will LOOSE MONEY if they allow this constant trolling by Trevor Rieger to keep happening. who the heck would want to use youtube or make content for the youtube site when they could be a potential target of Trevor Rieger and the utube drama website?

Youtube could potentially loose a lot of viewers and users if they allow Trevor Reiger to slander youtube users with his utubedrama website.

Trevor, with his utubedrama site that is aimed at disparaging as many youtube users as he possibly can. He has obviously made it his full time job to troll the users of youtube.

I am predicting that youtube will have the same fate as myspace. Since myspace got taken over by trolling and hackers, no one wants to use their site anymore. myspace looses money when people don't feel safe using their site. does youtube want to end up this way, with their viewers knowing that its only a matter of time before they have their name slandered on the utube drama site?

Can one man really do all of this damage? is it really possible?

There are already thousands of people that Trevor has trolled. Some people think that it's no big deal. In reality they are turning a blind eye to the madness that is Trevor's plan. To discredit and disgrace every member of youtube.

If you think that his remarks are harmless then think of the impact of the users of youtube who decide to leave because they dont want to be harassed by an external website's slanderous message. Who's going to want to make videos if they know that they will be made fun of and ridiculed?

People should be OUTRAGED at this public menace of a website. In the land of cyberspace it serves no useful purpose and the only intent of this site is to slander and troll youtube users.

In case the exec's at youtube have missed: there is a page on Trevor's site that shows all of the suspended users from youtube. Are these users that got trolled by Trevor? Did they get auto-flagged by Trevor and kicked off the site? is this page of banned accounts an a list of the accounts that he destroyed on youtube by means of trolling?

Youtube better think twice before they fail in an epic way because of their complacency towards one person named Trevor Rieger. one man with a lot of time on his hands, who is mentally disturbed can do a lot of damage.

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